Educational seminars with Key note speakers

What are the challenges?

Learn about costs and taxes?

What is Anti-dumping and how do I find out if it would affect me either importing or exporting?

How do I join a trade delegation?

What grant money is there available?

This summit is relevant for the most experienced/ seasoned exporter or importer as it is for the company considering entering international trade
Pre Brexit – find out how to enter overseas markets now – ahead of the competition & cement your position
Is your business ready for Brexit
Save 1,000’s of business travelling miles,

Save weeks of being away from your business

Save the costs of numearous trips

Hear speakers who are relevant to your business
Meet exhibitors who can save you time & money on every aspect of international trade;
This is a must visit for anyone who buys or sells overseas or is involved in any aspect of international trade

Don’t get left behind